Monday, August 25, 2008

Sunday, August 24, 2008

yet more pics

More pics for you all 

Its been SOOO long since I updated our  blog but SO much has happened we have had adventures EVERYWHERE we got to see our friends new adorable baby Calvin.  Then most exciting of all Baby Riya was blessed!!!!!!!!! She was just beautiful in her little white blessing gown and it was just the perfect day being surrounded with family and loved ones.  We also had adventures with the Grandparents!!!!  We went to beaches and malls we got to catch up and play and we ate some GREAT seafood! all in all it has been a FANTASTIC week and we already miss everyone! 
The boys had a blast with everyone and miss them already! 
Yesterday we went to Seaside and then to Cannon beach to play Jesse and I both went all the way into the ocean and body surfed in the waves it was amazing 
Landon got pretty brave too and ended up swimming in the ocean.  When all was said and done brrrrrrrrr we were cold but a nice hotel manager directed us a to hot footwash and shower with towels (I think he took pity on us all!) Well here are some pics to catch everyone up!!!! Love you all!!!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sunday, August 3, 2008

more pics

more pictures 

Hikers Paradise

Hello all! 
If you all are aware of Oregon and the things it is known for one of them is the hiking so Jesse and I decided to pack all four kiddies up and 2 dogs along with lunches, gear, stroller, water ect ect pack the bus (suburban) and head on the road to the gorge which is known for the AMAZING waterfalls and hikes.  We picked a hike that was a little over 2 miles round trip thinking to start out small and off we went.  Now the looks we got from passing hikers was priceless and well impressed.  It was BEAUTIFUL out there oh my goodness the plant life and the scenery was breathtakingly beautiful! I highly reccommend ANYONE AND EVERYONE if they come around here to take the hike! After the hike we went looking for blackberries to pick but all of them were not ripe so we will wait for next week I think.  That night we also headed to the Nyes for a night of movies and games they had made a screen 15 ft by 15 ft and the kids stayed outside on blankets ran around and just had a blast (there were about 10 kids there in the same age region it was so great) We had a long day but it was one I will remember forever! ENJOY THE PICTURES!!!!