Thursday, February 26, 2009

awww poor baby
I was relaxin with my injured bud...
ok so we told him to make a sad face and this is what he did... yep wild child he is!
I love my baby
yeah doesnt he look so hurt and sad... ha ha the hardest thing was keepin him still! when the doc asked why he was crying he said it was because he wanted to get down and play! lol
more er pics...

Kyrans first ER trip....

SO thankfully Kyran had his guy to keep him company...This is after he got bandaged the first time

This is before his eye started swelling but he has a nice shiner too
Yeah his hands look dirty thats from all the blood ewww
You can see how deep the gash went here kinda it was wayyy deep
Well.... It finally happened
Thats right folks our first time going to the ER for stiches and oh big surprise it was on Kyran (I believe Jesse and I called that one ha ha ha) anyhoo Kyran was jumpin off the love sac and he jumped by our window ledge and smack he fell down with his feet in the air.... I thought he was just playing so I told him he could get up just work it then I turned to look a lil closer and saw blood going down the wall.... Sooo I yelled into the phone Jesse you may need to come home! I turned him over and there was blood EVERYWHERE dripping into his eyes and ears and down his chin covering the front of his shirt there was a blood puddle where he was laying (Im sure it didnt help he was upside down for a bit) so I scooped him up to take him upstairs and he passed out for a couple of minuets (Im thinking from shock perhaps) I got dressed and got the kids ready to go and by then Jesse was back at the house since everytime I took pressure off his wound it would start gushing again... SO off we went to the ER where they did a head CT and then stiched him up! (The CT came back normal) sooooo anyhoo heres some yummy pics that jesse and I took to document the experience (more Jesse then me for the record...) :) 

Monday, February 23, 2009

Those Precious Moments...

Rarrr Ill get you kitty!
Ha ha baby I got the laser light first!
We are all happy winners in the end :)
Dont make me head butt you kitty! Bwah ha ha Ill get you!

Hello all!  
Everything in Portland is going well and we are actually drawing to a close March is when I will officially begin to pack us up to move back to good ole Rexburg Idaho.  The feelings are so mixed as we have had many trials here but at the same time we have been so very blessed and met some of them most amazing people here.  We have grown as a family and individuals.  We are all doing well Zade is getting better with his speech each and everyday but it will take alot of work to get him where he needs to be.  Landon is loving kindergarten but is ready to get back to his blue house in Idaho :) Kyran is potty trained now fully! yay only 2 in diapers! and he is as wild as ever.  Then there is our precious Riya who is growing by the second! She is rolling around and starting to get our her hands and knees to crawl! 
Im not sure this was shared with many but we did have a cat named Magic that we actually decided to sell as a result of some toilet issues he had (literally he would go potty in the toilet but it was a hit and miss and really I have 3 boys that our hit and misses when it comes to the toilet thing) anyhoo we sold him and Landon was a WRECK verrry sad and well to be blunt he lived up to his name Magic he changed Jesses whole view on cats and how loving and amazing they can be.  Sooo big surprise the Mumms have a new lil kitten! Jesse got him for me to keep me company when he is gone next year and I named him Bristol ( For those of you who dont know Jesse served his mission in Bristol England) he is a shorthaired exotic persian and just the sweetest CUTEST thing he plays with all my kiddos and has endured countless lil hands grabbing and carrying all over the house (Im not sure if he actually walks yet that is still up in the air ;)  ) anyhoo the pics I have are of Riya and Bristol playing with a laser light 
Its one of those moments you freeze in your head it was the most adorable thing EVER her cooing and him mewing just PRECIOUS!  I have realized especially lately to savor those lil precious moments and enjoy them and I have! we love you all and our prayers and thoughts are with those we hold most dear :) we love you all! 

Friday, February 6, 2009


awww kissy kiss
me n zade both sickies here...
my babies are my life
aww zade ur lookin so much better!
cutie pies!  so just a futher update on Zade I am sure some of you are wondering about the surgery and how it went.  Zade did FANTASTIC I think the whole time his mom and dad were more of a wreck then he was! they gave him so meds to relax him and sometimes they say it gives them hallucinations anyways he just sat in my arms cracking up! if i hadnt been so nervous I would have been laughing he couldnt stand up by himself he would get so dizzy.  Anyways they did the scan to see if his nerves from his ears connected to his brain and were transimtting sound and all of that came back positive so hopefully its gonna just get better.  Things thus far have been fantastic he is talking more understanding more and getting more of a personality.  We have been so blessed and I am so thankful for my beautiful kids they are my life.  Thank you for all your prayers and good thoughts we love you all!
more more more
My kiddos

Big boy undies!
Tantrum time!
oops ok heres more pics 
more pictures!
Zade and Riya playin
Awww princess is GROWIN !
So is Zade!
MMM Zoo time!
I love my baby!
Hello all!
We have been absent lately we have been sick and just SOOO darn busy! things are going well and we are havin fun as usual! always a party at the mumms house :D