Saturday, April 11, 2009

In case you were wondering what a princess looks like....
Oh Zade and tootsie rolls! YIKES
Landons was so excited!

I was too lovely pic but I was helping Riya she LOVED picking the eggs up!

I was cheering them on!
Zade was thrilled with all the sugar... I mean candy
Ummm we were ECSTATIC

Awww so cute!!!

Yay for easter egg hunts!!!

Ummm yeah squatting for eggs
Daddy and Zaders goin for the eggs!
Come on Kyran get those eggs (HE GOT A WINNER EGG!)

Ok these were to cute they were pushin riya around in a doll stroller!

This was the Daddy daughter dance awww!

more pics


Me and my lil nugget! :) love her love her!!!
This was there ring ceremony after the temple wedding!
Aww dad and Zaders

Daddy and his boys!

Me and Princess

Hello all! and HAPPY EASTER!!!

We decided to go with our dear friends the Nys to go hunt some easter eggs! we got up early and the kiddos were rarin to go!!! they were so excited and so were we! :) more pics to come later of our easter adventures and more but I havent posted pics up here for a LONG time so ENJOY!!!!