Monday, September 29, 2008


umm so what do you think.... better then black~ Yeah uh best neighbor EVER
So uh doctor.....
Whats that honey my blood pressure is high??? hmmmm
Ahhh this week we are studying eyes mmmmm tasty

Ok sooo when Riya was born I decided to highlight my hair blonde you know girls day out feel pretty again! well I have lost 20 POUNDS with and thought well Ill dye it back to my natural color so I have friend come put it in I got brown just regular old brown she puts it in and when I go to wash it out MY HAIR IS JET BLACK!!!!!!!!!!! oh my GOSH I was FREAKING OUT so off to the salon I went today to try and fix it and THIS is the lightest they could get my hair to go they did say it would fade to a lighter reddish brown so HERES HOPING

Jesse is doing well except he is SICK poor baby but I had to put some pics up of him doing his exams on me and my neighbor oh what a day! it was all in good fun and seriously I have THE BEST neighbor ever! such a sport she is!
The kids are doing GREAT they also have this cold/allergy thing going on but Landon is doing good in kindergarten and Zade is making LEAPS AND BOUNDS he is walking and talking up a storm!
Riya just learned how to giggle and is now giggling and smiling oh shes SO CUTE and Kyran my lil blondie is a wild child as always but we have fun especially when we have our time ;D anyhoo off to bed I go I am EXHAUSTED!

Monday, September 22, 2008

more pics

Four generations RIP Grandpa I will never forget...
My Grandma isnt she beautiful~

Me and my Jessie May GAH I love her!!! This is what my Grandpa would have wanted

more pics


My bro and I!

Hes soo cute holdin Riya!
Playing hide and seek
Me and Jillybean Ive missed her!
So seriously this week has been INSANE I flew out Monday morning to Houston (for a layover) then to Indianapolis then from there drove to Danville Illinois. I stayed for a day then back to the airport where I stopped off in Houston again (and got to see my bro yay it was soo good to finally see him!) then back to Portland where I was picked up and literally threw stuff in the car and took off to get to Utah asap to be with my family. We arrived there 4 am on Friday and had to be up around 7 am to get ready for the funeral. We then buried my amazing Grandpa right where he wanted to be. It was a beautiful service and it really felt like he was at peace. That night I was able to hang out with my cousin Jill who I have missed SO much I hope and pray that we will stay close after this. I also hung out with my brother he was SOOOO cute with my kids and it is so fun to hear them talk about Uncle Greg! They LOVED him and will always remember that (thanks Greg for being so great with them!) We then hopped in the car at about 10 am and drove to Rexburg Idaho to drop in for Erics bday (ha ha I hope you show Hiedi pics Eric or your gonna be in trouble!!!) It was SOOOO fun to see them all and OH MY GOSH my nieces and nephews are HUGE and SO cute! Oh my lil Jessie May I love her so much it was so fun to see her and the rest of the crew! Seth has just grown a TON just in a few months anyways after having a great dinner and some cake we took off around 4 and by 5am we were back in Portland and UTTERLY exhausted!

What a week but all in all it has been a good one I will never forget once agian I thank you for all your prayers and thoughts god bless you all!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Life is like that......

It has been a hard day today the day I had to say goodbye to my Grandpa 
He was a great man and was looked up to by so many people and loved so many people respected him as a friend, leader, and faithful servant to the lord.  I learned so much from him while he was here and showed so much love to all especially to my amazing Grandma.  They were married nearly 60 years! and more in love everyday it was so hard to see my Grandma hurting so badly.  It is a short seperation but still a hard one.  I am grateful that we know that this life doesnt just end now that we have so much more to go on to.  I know that the church is true I know that the Lord is there with open arms to welcome us into the next life.  I hope and pray that I can be like my Grandpa to learn and apply all he taught me..... I hope and pray I can make it to 60 years healthy with the love of my life Jesse....... 
We are all doing well and I thank everyone for their prayers and kind thoughts I am constantly meeting and surrounded by AMAZING people I dont know what I would have done without you all especially a few select women who have been amazing you know who you are and I love you tons thank you!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Well life is dramatic as usual always some kind of adventure going on here! Landon had his FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL oh he was SO excited and got a special blessing from his daddy afterwards he came out and gave his dad a BIG hug and thanked him for his blessing it was so sweet to see him grow and realize what was going on! Well we went to pick him up and no Landon on my way home to call the school when he didnt show up on the bus they called asking where I was there was a mix up so he was forgotten poor buddy felt a lil forgotten but we had a party afterwards and he soon forgot =D
We also had our lil pup Happy run into our neighbors yard that had a Siberian Husky and the husky attacked her so she is hurt not sure but her hip may be dislocated errrrr 
Riya is growing like a WEED and getting so big I know I need to get more pics up I promise soon just mopped since I made 3 BATCHES of jam today and my WHOLE KITCHEN was a sticky icky MESS but the jam turned out great its my first time canning by myself pretty excited I got through it without any major burns =D 
As for Jesse and his school he is doing well he is a lil stressed about his test tomarrow but he stayed up all night last night studying and he is up studying as I speak hes doing all he can and I am so proud of him and so thankful that he is so dedicated to his studies! that is about all for now I am EXHAUSTED off to bed I GO!