Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ever wonder what your little boy would look like if Santa came to your house ;)Oh man we were SOOOO dirty but I LOVE MOTORBIKING
Ahhh trip to Iowa we got to see SO many friends it was awesome

Oh Patti Su I love ya girl!After our HUGE bike trip to Yellowstone..... THIS is what love looks like he is my strength I love ya Jesse....

More pictures

This is the play I directed "The Parable of the Ten Virgins" Im on the far left it was a GREAT experience!!Little Landon right before he sang he was so so gooood!!!

This was just the other day she is getting SO SOOO big!!!
MeMaw at Christmas with her boys MOVIE NIGHT!!

So this picture cracks me up because EVERY person on that trail in Yellowstone gave Jesse SUCH a hard time that I was the one dragging all 4 kids through.... but he had just got his new bike and was doing tricks and jumping off stuff it was a great day..... well all except almost running into a buffalo that was scary she had a new baby and was NONE to happy to see us!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Its been 1000 years since I last posted.....

she is getting HUGE

This was this summer that was a great day!
So SERIOUSLY it has been WAY WAY to long since I last put up a blog updating everyone on our lives lately.... SO much has gone down since we moved back to Idaho and it has been such a STINKING hard year one full of trials and tough times.. However, it has also been a year full of angels, outright miracles, and growth that we would have never achieved with out the trials.

We had a almost tragedy on the coast of Oregon last summer when Landon was hit by a 500 pd (at LEAST) log that rolled over the top of him and pinned him underwater. Luckily there was a guy there who helped us lift the log just in time and other then being really REALLY bruised he ended up being ok. Then we hit a rock and flattened our tire, our bulldog went into early labor and Jesse and I ended up doing a emergancy csection to save her life (NEVER in my life did I picture myself in a liquor store asking for their strongest alcohol but we used that to "loosen" her up and help her get through it all) Jesse was amazing and seriously almost like a pro with it all I was so impressed with him and so was the doctor on that rotation.
We then had some personal drama that was very hurtful but we have also gotten through while our egos were definately bruised and feelings hurt we have come out the other side getting to know things about ourselves and about other people definately good things to know...

We then made the trip out to Iowa as Jesses next rotation was going to be in Ohio and I thought I might as well stop in and say hi to everyone which was MOST excellent it was a great trip and I was soo sad to leave Jesse and return home by myself but I figured it was just going to be a long drive oh boy I was so SOO wrong. On the way home my whole fuel pump went dead I was literally going 15 mph at the end on the highway and pulled into a little town called Potter Nebraska and luckily cruised into a little tiny mechancal shop there. After a LONG 3-4 hr wait in there we hopped in the car and made our way to Rawlings Wyoming where we checked in to a rundown hotel and collapsed in bed. Later that night I woke up to someone knocking on my window I sat up feeling incredibly dizzy but made my way to the window and no one was there it was around 2 AM I then looked over and noticed Riya and thrown up all over and as I looked at my kids sleeping they didnt look right it didnt FEEL right.... so I went over to Kyran and tried to wake him up.... nothing.... he did not wake up at ALL and in my heart of hearts I felt the need to get out of that room as soon as I could. I got my stuff and kids loaded up after telling the hotel clerk that there was something wrong with our room that she needed to check it out and when I went in with her she noticed that the heat had gotten turned on somehow (this was the HOT summer time) anyways I got out of there crying and tired and upset but thankful I woke up at all... Later Landon would tell others that he remember someone knocking on the door or window it was nice to know someone other then myself heard that knock. So I called Jesse sobbing and some of my dearest friends came to the rescue Lila and Joel and by around 4 or 5 am I was able to stop there and get some much needed sleep.
It was a horrible trip from my perspective but I also see the many miracles I mean seriously in the middle of NO where in Nebraska I found the one little mechanical shop. Then in Wyoming some mysterious knocking wakes me up to notice all my children are viciously ill.... another growing experience for sure.

So that brings me to being able to go down to Texas to see my brother and his amazing girlfriend Jessica. They found out they were expecting and I was so thrilled to be able to go meet her I was REALLY hoping Isabelle would make her apperance there but no such luck. However, I had a really amazing time there and will never forget it.

So now we are rounding the corner to the almost last part of this insane journey of schooling for Jesse. We recently found out that we are expecting our fifth child and I am right around 4 months pregnant and showing big time! I am ecstatic as we thought Riya was our last child but after many prayers and promptings we knew there was one more little one to come to our ever growing family and thus here we are and I am trying to cherish every second of this pregnancy as I know this will be the last time around I get to enjoy that feeling of life growing inside of you and while I am sad that it ends a chapter in my life. I am also thankful that I am able to have one more then I thought its like this extra special bonus in life and I know we will love and cherish this little one like we love and cherish all of the other little ones we have.

As for the little ones they are doing FANTASTIC landon is in first grade and just thriving he does so well on his homework and is trying to hard to make as many friends as he can. Kyran is the little daredevil as usual and while he keeps me on my toes (and drives me INSANE) I couldnt do it without him. Zade is doing MAJOR therapy we see therapist anywhere from 3-5 times a week and he is doing SO much better. He is talking better and does so well with large groups of people. Does he still break down ABSOLUTELY but I can see improvement in him everyday and he has the biggest little heart I love watching him grow. Riya is SO big today she actually refused her high chair and opted for the big girl chair (booster seat ) she walks everywhere and tries as hard as she can to keep up to her big brothers. She is my snuggle monkey though my first few month of pregnancy I was so ill Id just lay on the couch and she would just come sit by me. If I was having a particularly rough day sometimes shed pat my head like a dog she is definately a mommys girl AND daddys girl at this point she is just a joy. but MAN that girl can lay on the drama screaming and slamming doors already lil miss is gonna be a handful.

Now for Jesses school he is doing well like everything we have had our ups and downs but we are pushing through and getting to the end only 4 MONTHS till we are DONE! I cant believe how fast it has gone but at the same time it has gone painfully slow. It has tested us in everyway you can be tested but in the end I think we are better.
So there you have it the LONG overdue update on the Mumms I will try to do better and get some more pics too. Im trying to get brave enough to put some pregnant pics up but UGH after all that work on my weight it is SO hard to see it come back! oh well that will be a whole new story right ;)