Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ahhh yes I am still alive.....hatw

This is me after losing a bit of weight..... much more to go! and more pics to come of halloween lots of the pics are on facebook though....... so friend me and look at those pics ;0)
After a recent request to update my blog I thought it must be high time to do so :0)

Sooooo last time I blogged we were waiting for the big test.....and.......welll....... we are still waiting for the big test...again. Jesse missed passing his test by about 3 questions. I will never forget that time in my life that was now 2 months ago but still is fresh in my heart and my mind. Seeing the word fail is never something you want to experience after going through years of school. In Jesses case he was so sleep deprived with a new baby fresh out of the NICU and a very very sick wife. So basically for the next month we were absolutely lost, depressed, and well lost. We had a very close and wonderful friend of ours offer us a apartment in Rexburg so that we could continue with our plans to rent our house. As we were packing for that we decided to write the company Jesse had originally gotten hired for and then lost the job after he had not passed. We asked them to reconsider us and that we loved their facility it happened to be when we had sent the email they were in a meeting discussing us and wanting to offer Jesse the job again in November but since we had written they decided to have us come to Boise to work part time so by the time Jesse passes the test he would be all ready to go.
So with that we were off to Boise ..... and here we are! we love it here it is beautiful weather and the mountains are amazing. We are crammed into a little rental home but we do enjoy it our ward here is amazing and I have to say I have met some amazing people here that I hope to stay friends with always. Other then that I stay busy working out (constantly) taking care of the kiddos and trying to eat as clean as possible thus far I have lost about 10 pds and around 10 inches wahooo just started on the journey of getting healthy but look forward to the rest of it its very hard but its def a growing experience.....
So what are the new plans you ask..... well the test....again but this time he will pass I just know it it is in 3 weeks so all prayers are welcome. After that...well there is a beautiful home that we have our eye on and are quite serious about it has 5 acres and is open and beautiful we are excited for the future. However, I have learned so many important lessons. First I have to trust more it stunk to not pass the test but honestly we are in a whole lot better place then we would have been. I have learned to trust my Heavenly Father a whole lot more I thought I was this strong faithful person but I absolutely lost all faith their for a few days and I was so mad..... I know better now being mad doesnt fix anything it actually just made it a TON worse. Third I need to live more in the NOW to an extent my kids are growing so fast and if I just keep looking forward to the tomarrows Im gonna miss the todays and I do not want to look back and regret that. How grateful I am for my husband and children they are absolutely my life and have been there every step of the way they have wiped my tears, given me non stop hugs, and been there they are truly my greatest joy in life. How blessed I am to have such wonderful family and friends. I sincerely thank you all for the words of support and encouragement they were a light in the darkness and I love you for it. So onward we go with faith love and happiness hoping this time around there is another story to tell of joy and happiness and new beginnings.