Monday, June 30, 2008

Its been a good day....

Well here I am again more awake then last posting....

Baby Riya is doing SOOOOOO well she has done all her feedings in a row today and has just picked up! we are anticipating her to get going on that for the next 2 days and be home very soon! I am sick however so I will not be going to the NICU tomarrow just to make sure I dont carry anything over there with me but it will be wonderful to spend time with my little boys I have missed them through this experience so much and they seem to have grown since baby Riya has arrived. I thank everyone for their prayers and thoughts once again we would not have made it if it wasnt for the wonderful ward we are in they are such a blessing to us they have opened their hearts and homes and fridges to us and the food they have brought is delicious! Zade and Jesse are doing much better since being on the antibiotics and Jesse will be going up tomarrow after visiting an art gallery to spend some time with her he is sooo excited as he hasnt been up there since Saturday night. Jesse is doing well in school still as you can imagine it has been stressful but he has picked up his routine again and just being a trooper. He has maded this whole thing so much easier on me and I am sooo blessed to have a husband who cares so much and loves my family so much. Anyways that is all for now I will keep this updated as best as I can! goodnight all and god bless!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

All in a days work.......

WOW we have been frantic and busy and as usual things always happen one thing after another. Riya is doing very well she is almost graduated to a normal crib and has started taking a bottle fairly well she is still working on it though and well taking forever in some ways we just want her home but as we found out last night not to soon......
Lila and Joel (Jo Jo) came up last night so we could go out and see Riya and they baby sat for us we had a great time going as a couple to go see our gorgeous daughter Jesse got to kangaroo care her (basically means skin to skin they take off babies clothes and daddys shirt and they cuddle its amazing as their heartrate calms down breathing slows and it just helps baby tons!) anyways we got home and Jesse went up to check on the boys and Zade was gasping for air could hardly breathe we wnded up going to the emergency room and sitting there for 3 HOURS with NO ONE coming we ended up walking out as it was RIDICULOUS as no one was getting taken back grrrrr! we took Zade in to the docs first thing and found out he has an upper respitory infection and yes he is contagious so we are now banned from going to the NICU until we are all better it sucks and we are struggling please pray for us we love you all and have a great night!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

More pictures!

Back again

Hello all!

Baby Riya is doing FANTASTIC she has been making leaps and BOUNDS and I am proud and happy to say she has moved from her orginal heated bed to an isolette as she was keeping her heat and is not as serious as she once was she is also in the level 2 nursery now oppossed to level 3 (most serious) she has no CPAP and no oxygen for that matter the only thing left to do is to get her eating out of the bottle/breast so she is just doing amazing! She has her Daddy wrapped around her finger he was there last night for a couple hours with her and he took over 100 pictures!!!

She is always looking like she is sming and does smile frequently the nurses cant get over how much she smiles in fact just like my other kiddies I think shes gonna be a happy smiler!

We took the boys last night to get Riya something for her crib to feel included Kyran got her a pink poodle and Landon a furry puppy both pink of course (you cant tell that we like dogs right) We are taking the boys to the hospital sometime to show them where there baby sister was born and hopefully will get landon into a class today so he can see his baby sister!

I am doing good I am sore and tired but I am doing well and able to get around a little better now. Anyways here are a TON of pictures since I have been slacking! love to all and thanks for all the support love and prayers we have seen and felt we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Good Morning

Hello again!
So update on Riya so far so good she has made quite a bit of progress through the night she went from being on over thirty percent oxygen and now she is almost back to room air again! her stats are still a little high (shes just breathing very quickly) but her xrays are looking very much better then yesterday we got to look last night at her xrays and they did not look good you could see her lung was actually pushing on her heart a bit which was scary but they have been monitoring her carefully and she seems to be doing better so keep those prayers coming! Im gonna post some more pics from last night and then off back to bed I go I had to get waken up to get my blood drawn ect so thought Id update!

I did also get some exciting news my mom and dad will be in Portland soon!!! I am very excited to see them and feel blessed they will be coming to help me with the boys and Riya and im sure my boys will be freaking out when they see their mee maw and pee paw! anyways thanks for everyones prayers and support!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Heres some pictures of Riya from today she is doing ok she has developed a small hole in her left lung so far no procedures but we will continue to pray.

Riyas birth story

Hello all....

Welll Jesse said it all pretty well but I will give my account of what happened from the beginning. It started on Friday I started leaking a lil bit of fluids like I did with Landon before my water broke and then Saturday I went in after it got worse. I tested positive for amniotic fluid where it had gushed but then when they swabbed me it was negative so they werent sure what was going on. Sunday woke up and it had gotten even worse and I told Jesse I was pretty sure this was it wasnt feeling quite right anyways we went in and as I started walking towards the hospital just got a really bad contraction worse then normal. Went in got hooked up and soon it was obvious I was in labor. They tried to stop it but there was no stopping the contractions they were pretty vicious they sent me in to get an ultrasound and found Riya was breech and sideways which Im sure now is why my contractions seemed to hut a little more with Riya then with my other boys. They then made the decision to send by ambulance to St Vincent which has the better NICU. ALways wanted to know what it was like in a ambulance but really not that exciting REALLY bumpy so it hurt and still had not gotten any pain medicine for labor so I was really uncomfortable. I got there and they immediately started getting me ready to csection as I had dialated from 1cm to 3cm from just traveling so I had picked up really quick. I then got my spinal which was VERY scary but the nurseanestisis was amazing her name was Hiedi and she wasj ust great. They opened me up and Riya was born! after that they looked at the uterus and found my cyst had grown to the size of a baseball so got me all cleaned up and sewed up. Our little monkey weighs four pounds nine ounces and is doing well! We are so excited she is here safely and I am safe to although it has been hard to be here and have that feeling of failure as I wanted to carry Riya to the end so badly. She is such a little fighter though always has a leg straight out and will kick off the blankets when they swaddle her to get that way! Shes beautiful her brothers are SO excited to meet her and cant wait to meet their new little sister. We have been treated like gold here our ward has stepped up and just really been amazing not only that but Jesses class has been like family coming over and setting up meals for us we have been so blessed!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Heres some more pics of Riya with no face mask and of us holding her yay!

Hello everyone this weekend was wild. We had our first little baby girl we are naming her Riya Lynnzel Mumm. She was born Sunday June 22 2008 at 8:11pm. It all started at noon to go make sure Heathers water hadn't broke as she was leaking some fluids after some tests they came up with both positive and negative results but Heather had started in full blown labor with contractions coming 3 min apart and getting very strong. They then transported Heather by ambulance to St Vincents and decided since the baby was not only breech but also transverse (sideways!) Heather needed a csection that night as the many drugs they gave her didnt stop her labor in all she labored for about 9 hours. Riya is beautiful and doing so well! she looks alot like Zade did but with darker hair and big blue eyes! here are some pictures and Heather will be on later to tell the whole story thanks for your prayers and help

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Off to the hospital AGAIN....

So Im really gettin tired of going to the hospital I think if you are there so much they should give you free movie tickets or frequent flier miles that way it would be easier to swallow all the pokings =D I got sick last night with the flu and for normal people it would have been fine but for me I couldnt stop throwing up sooooo got dehydrated started contracting and Jesse took me right in to get an IV and get rehydrated by the way which felt SO much better.....they also gave me drugs to relax the contractions which had a unpleasant side effect when I laid down acid came up and basically burned lil holes in my esphagus PLEH! So now drinking water feels like Im drinking fire but the good news is it will heal relatively quickly.
Jesse wanted to stay home with me today but I kicked him out we are here for school and gosh darnit he is gonna do the best he can do! but he really is the most caring hubby I am so lucky to have him. They did say by now if lil girl had not been breech I would have probably had her by now so I am truly thankful she is breech (never thought Id say that =) ) anyways just a quick update and Ill get some pics up soon after Im feeling better!

Friday, June 13, 2008


SOOOOO Jesse had his first big test and he kicked it and got a 99% I am SOOOO proud of him yayyyyy makes all that time I didnt see him worth it! So he is obviously doing great at school and getting the hang of it! as for myself and the boys well had to go to the hospital the other day with contractions they tracked them and gave me this fetal test to see if it was likely if I would deliver within the next 2 weeks and guess what NEGATIVE yayy! so hopefully I hang onto this lil one a few more weeks I am on house arrest now but better then bed rest eh? well thats the latest! 

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just an update.......

Well well well havent been around much lately just SOOO tired and trying to keep up with my three kids and husband in school and being just weeks away from delivering sweet baby Riya I am EXHAUSTED but I am doing well. It has been a struggle as I have said earlier to meet people here partially from being shy (I know me shy not really the usual for me...) and partially from being WAY intemidated from this city and the masses of people! It has been so much fun to really just sit with my boys and have time with them and watch them it feels as though I have met them all over again I can honestly say I feel closer to them then I did back home I never slowed down as much with them around to notice the little precious moments and now I am so thankful that I have this oppurtunity.
As for updates on us healthwise (well me since Im the prego one) I am doing ok baby girl has decided to wedge her little bum into my pelvis shes a complete breech so the whole do I do a VBAC or a csection was answered for me. My cyst that I have is growing so they will continue to keep an eye on it but so far the plan is to deliver on July 25th! at 5 pm. It will be perfect as my best friend will be getting in the day before to help with me and the kiddies (my angelic Annika I really really dont know what I would do without her ) Anyways things all in all are looking pretty good. Definately feeling more braxton hicks and DEFINATELY getting bigger and more umcomfortable or the joys of not sleeping through the night! but excited to see my sweet little girl!
Jesse is doing so well in school he is really working hard and studying hard Im so proud of him. He is still learning how to really study but he will get it I know he will! Other then that we are hangin in here in Oregon pictures will come soon just gotta get some energy.....

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Back in the Grooove

Alrighty then....
So feeling better then a few days ago It has been a hard adjustment and is still a project in progress but I feel now that I can do it. We are now getting up early as a family and reading scriptures togather and doing the family prayer thing and that has helped getting the morning started right although it is awfully early it is worth it!
Today the boys and I had to go shopping for some things for Jesses bike ect that was interesting more comments of course. One lady came up and told me she felt so sorry for me.....I asked her why? she said well just look at you! you have your hands full! I said yes I have my hands full but I wouldnt have it any other way she just shook her head and walked away I just have to laugh if only they knew..... how fun it is that is =D lots of work but still fun.....
Tomarrow the boys and I are gonna make strawberry jam it should be interesting but alot of fun Im excited to do it! Just hope my energy holds up thats my biggest problem these days is just keeping energy up enough for preschool time for the boys, playing with them, feeding them, and making sure they dont rip our home apart! Its a full day! anyways just thought Id update everyone and let them know I was out of my funk!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Its a hard day.....

It has been hard these past few days
Ups and downs for sure! Im so happy for Landon and his new ownership of a cat.... Im so happy for Kyran because he just LOVES to explore his new surroundings and Zade well hes an adventuror as well and just is happy in general....then theres Jesse and I am THRILLED at his oppurtunity and his education and his dreams being fulfilled how wonderful that is.... it is what we have been praying for for sooo long and now its here!
Then theres me..... and Im sure this has to relate to some kind of hormone imbalance I think.... Im just struggling Im so used to having Jesse there with me to help me and he HAS to do school and I HAVE to be the sole parent for the most part (excluding Sundays) It is hard and I suppose to a point I need to lean more on the lord but I feel so lonely I havent really been able to get out and meet alot of women and most women here seem to think Im crazy with all my kiddies I guess I just miss my old routine I miss family time, I miss the garden, I miss the camping, and dont get me started on how much I miss motorcycling oh that tops that list =D, I miss the Idaho moutains and the sunshine, I miss my family, and I miss having a YARD .....
Dont get me wrong I am grateful for this oppurtunity and the hard times those are the times that make us grow into those lovely ladies and lovely gentlemen that Heavenly Father wants us to become..... It is just hard getting there and even harder getting there when no one is physically around you well that is all for now. It will get easier day by day.... My mom always had this ruler hung up when I was a kid it read..... "Life is hard yard by yard inch by inch its a cinch" So I will go inch by inch or day by day smile and have fun like I tell everyone else to do! I love you all and miss you all!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ok so our house is cursed....

Just got a call

From our renters apparentely Jesse and I need to start charging for people who want babies..... As our rentor is pregnant! not only that but her significant other was supposedly not suppossed to be able to have kids and she was on birthcontrol on top of that!!!!! Soooooo here I thought it was me that was fertile while in all actuallity it is the house! Man I could make bank with this =D Sooo this leads me to the next question who wants to rent a room for the night ;) hee hee hee.......