Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So concentrated

boys will be boys

So today I did the crazy crazzy thing to do during the holidays.... thats right I attempted Gingerbread.... which by the way is officially the hardest cookie to work with the dough is   IMPOSSIBLE to work with however it is the most heavenly smelling cookie of them all oh my GOSH my house smelled like heaven today! It was so fun watching the boys being so creative and happy and getting SO excited for christmas! Landon was asking today if we thought Santa would find us it was the cutest thing
THEN Landon being in a WONDERFUL mood and being so incredibly cute asked if he could take pics of me and was quite the photographer saying mommy put your leg up oh your hair is so pretty it was quite the photo shoot but was TONS of fun he by far is my fav photographer to date..... well at least in his age range! anyhoo heres some pics yeehaw 

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Me and Zaders

50 pds wahooooo yay who knew I could get this small

Ok here are some updated weight loss pics from today yeeehhhhawwww 

Thursday, December 4, 2008


To this (Im kinda cheating here this is like a few weeks Ill put new ones up soon!) 
This is me at my heaviest YIKES I cant believe Im puttin this up 
From this (I was down around 13 pds then)

Well I have made a HUGE goal!

Hello all!
So here on such a HAPPY HAPPY note is an update on the never ending weight updates LOL (Im sorry if they get old guys really all I have is my kids and my workouts pretty much my life right now!) anyhoo so I made my HUGE goal I am back in the jeans I was in when I started dating Jesse thats right I am at an 8 wahooooooooooooooooooo never thought Id see those again! so one more quick YEEHAWWW hopefully Ill keep in them over the holiday I am now convinced all the chunk came from all my inlaws good cooking (yeah you all know who you are ;D )
So we are all doing great SOOOO excited to go home we are practically itching to get there!!! We wanna see some SNOW and we cant wait to see some family and friends we miss them all!
Jesse has his HARDEST module right now so he studies and that is pretty much it. I try my hardest to let him have all the time but sometimes at night HAVE to escape to go run a few miles to catch my sanity again it is the only cheap way I know how to do that ;) just me my ipod and the GORGEOUS running trails they have here with all the trees oh my GOSH they are great..... I do have some funny stories of people I have run into running if you dont know em youll have to ask me sometime! well gotta run the bed is CALLIN my name

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh christmas tree...
Oh donuts are SO yummy
oh boys.... messy messy
Landon trying to get the ornament candy hooky thing on...fun fun fun

more pics 

Hello All!!!

This is Zade playing with pots and pans his fav....
Me working in the kitchen surprise surprise
Jesse and Diesel hes so cute!
The kids on our roadtrip even Riya looked to say cheeseMe... with the new haircolor wahooooo

WOW WOW WOW I CANNOT believe we are into December now and Thanksgiving has gone by we are OFFICIALLY into the Christmas holidays! we are now about halfway done with our Oregon adventure! and while there are somedays I dont feel all that great and happy (like before.....) we are feeling so excited to get back home to Idaho to hang with the fam and refresh ourselves.  We love it here and I am SO SO SO thankful for my experience here the people here are AMAZING in so many ways and I have learned lessons from each and everyone of them.  Whether it is from the woman who is so patient and kind and enough love to fill a whole room with her music each Sunday or the beautiful voices I listen to or the woman who manages to save my behind every time I really need a babysitter these people here are SO giving and Jesse and I have learned and grown into our own lil family here.  Idaho is wonderful it is .... well home but I feel like we were able to get away for awhile and take into account what we want out of life and what we want out of our own family.  Anyhoo heres some pics to update everyone we have had fun we love you all and will see some of you sooner then others!!! =) 

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So Im bored and in a bad mood.....

This is my mad with life look....

Yeah I was bored I may have gotten carried away with the camera ha ha ha

So its been a LONG day its been a good day in many ways but just having a hard time planning for next year is somewhat depressing thinking of being without the hubby is just never a fun thing to think about.  I feel so overwhelmed with trying to learn sign language and feel like Im alone just completely alone somedays.  I have my friends (thank heavens I have them) both near and far same with family but we all know that empty feeling that can sneak up on us when we arent looking..... I feel like it is just one of those times when we get slammed but we will get over this too.
Anyways had to spit my feelings out there ..... talk to everyone later hopefully Ill be in a better mood then.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

you knew princess pics were coming come on people.... my only lil girl right!

more pics

My beautiful family My sweet Zade

We walk through this life together and we stick together!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture Daddy and his boys...

Landon... and his leaf

I love this man...

Yeah when it comes down to it we are just goofs

Yay for family pictures!!!! Annika came over (THANK YOU ANNIKA) and we spent Friday afternoon taking pictures it was SOOO much fun I love my family they are so BEAUTIFUL anyways here you go some updated pics of THE MUMMS!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

This is our crazy BIG hospital!


Jesse singing and REALLY getting into it Awww so cute daddy and his boys

Me and my baby...

Zade....and well cake.... ugh dont go together!

Birthday Boy!



The birthday boy blowin his pancake out! First thing in the morning doesnt this show Kyran in all his glory ha ha!

Jesses speed racer cake! oh my gosh Kyran was so cute he went up and threw his arms around Jesse and said Thank you daddy for my SPEED RACER cake!!!!
So this is MY baby dress she really does look like me.... weird....

Baby Riya....

More pics man!