Monday, September 13, 2010

In Remembrance.....

It has now been 2 years since one of the most amazing people I have known in this life has passed onto that great beyond...... I will never forget that day....I will never forget the sadness but at the same time it brought into focus what is important in my life. Number one the gospel the knowledge that I know there is more to this life after we pass. I felt it in my heart I felt that sweet spirit that he was at peace and comfortable after years of pain. I knew he loved each and everyone of us, I was his Heather Girl that was my name and I will treasure that memory of everytime I would greet him hello he would ask how his Heather Girl was doing.... He accepted Jesse so openly in someways I felt he knew how wonderful Jesse was for me... he showed examples of service and kindness in all he did, he showed me what a great marriage could look like in 50 years and beyond. I was around 13 when I sang at his 50th anniversary never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be singing the same song at his funeral years later.
Then I look around at this beautiful family I have with my amazing wonderful husband I have 5 kids sealed to my love and I forever. He has met everyone of my children 3 in this life and 2 in a previous time and place I know he is aware of us all and he loves each and everyone of us. Most of all his darling wife my amazing Grandma how blessed I am to have such an example and I will forever remember him and strive to have an attitude half as good as his. I will cherish every memory that I have of him and I will pass on those treasured stories that I have to my children so that they to will feel as though they know him because I know deep in their hearts all 5 of them do. I love you Grandpa I will never forget what you taught me Thank You for your fine example I know you have helped one soul plant her feet firmly on gospel sod and I know that one day I will meet with you again.