Thursday, July 29, 2010

My little teachers....

Last night was like any other night here at this grand hotel...
We have family prayer and then Jesse and I head to the hot tub down the hall for a few minuets before I come back and pass out on the bed... this night was different though, Jesse and I had been talking about jobs and where to go and where the best place to raise our babies was. We also talked about money and well basically everything that goes along with finishing school and moving on in life. Well we walked in to quite a lil scene Landon was up praying soon the other 2 boys joined him and they humbly prayed to Heavenly Father that daddy would get a job. That he would find a job that made him happy and we could raise our family at, it was such a tender moment my heart nearly burst with pride and love for these little teachers.
They hear our everyday little stresses and as soon as they have a moment they kneel in prayer while myself and Jesse talk it out together which is also a great thing I learned last night it is sometimes better to kneel humbly and ask for the help THEN talk it out.
Also that my little ones have mighty good hearing..........

Sooo further update on the Mumms! well we were going to be sending Jesse off to Texas for an interview this weekend, however, plans change as they always do and tomarrow we are headed to the coast of Washington for an interview. Life really consists of studying for the PANCE for Jesse and interviewing but we are happy and try to stay calm and collected with our hearts open as to where the best place for us is. We will do as our children and kneel more often and hopefully all will work out soon for us. We appreciate any prayers and thoughts that have come our way and hope they keep coming as we need all they help we can get!

Monday, July 26, 2010

All this up and down....

We recently made a trip just the 2 of us Jesse and I, to Mason City Iowa
It was fun to get away just him and I it has been a long long time since that had happened and we had a wonderful time. Jesse once again just aced his interview they had us all go out to dinner and we were able to meet all these amazing people. I felt so blessed to become aquainted with them and loved their attitudes and kindness towards us. There is no doubt it would have been a great place to work for.... we were also able to spend time with my parents which was wonderful as I dont think they have ever really been around me when I have been around 8 months pregnant (I know any of you who know me are still shaking their heads that I even went with my high risk pregnancies but all went well I promise) it was great to look at houses with them and see them. Now I know you all sense a but in here.... it was wonderful as far as the work went, however I dont know if this is the place for us. We drove around talked to alot of people and I just don't know if I felt it there. So we will keep going keep our options open and our hearts as well and see where this crazy journey is going to take us to next, Jesse is suppossed to fly out to Texas next week and then interview in Aberdeen as well. We still have as of yet to hear anything from Boise as the main guy who is in charge apparently left for vacation and wont be back till August 2nd ARGH! so we will wait and wait for that answer.
As for the hotel here I am back in this one room wonder but it feels good to be once again reunited with my children we missed them so much! my heart fills when I think or talk about them I feel so grateful that I am blessed with them in my life while they are little stinkers they make my life what it is. So onward we go trusting that the good Lord will lead us to where we can raise our children and settle down.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Well we knew this time would come someday....
the day you let go of your first home, the home you raised most all of your babies in the home you think of often and with a smile on your face. It is time to move on though, we are off to a new adventure, a new career, a bigger family, and thus it is time to put our beloved home on the market.
What do you get with this home well a good feeling first of all as it was a very well loved home filled with childrens laughter and joy. You get a home that is safe from traffic and a home with beautiful sunsets, a home that has been loved and cared for that has seen good days and bad days. You get about 1683 sq ft of cozy happy living perfect for the starter family!
This home has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms the master bath includes a jetted tub seperate shower and the master bedroom has a nice walk in closet. The kitchen is only a few years old and the hard floors are just as new. We are going to list the home at $110,000 but if you get back to me soon we are willing to give you a smoking deal if realtors dont have to be involved if you know anyone who is looking for a great home have them give me a call 208-201-5150 any spread of the word is appreciated!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The first interview!

Well as alot of you know this week we made our first trip for an interview where you ask we went to Boise Idaho! we went for a couple reasons one for my tooth and the bigger one was THE INTERVIEW!
So first things first my dentist... went in and took a look and was just in shock at how shoddy the work was that the dentist had done on my tooth. She said there was to much filling that had eventually cracked my tooth and whats more somehow once she got the filling out I had nerves like hanging down from my tooth. She said if I was not in such a hurry we would take a couple days to fix it and warned me it was going to be very painful due to the nerves. So took a deep breath and after she gave me around 6 shots of novacain 3 which were through the ROOF of my mouth gahhhh! she started her work it was insanely painful I could feel it in my toes and for some reason (dentist was guessing that it was I was pregnant) my body was metabolizing the novacain really REALLY fast so she was working as fast as she could. We ended up with a composit filling (thank you dentist im really only approved for the silver stuff with medicaid gotta love that!) but she was kind enough to upgrade me and 3 hours later with a VERY sore mouth I was over and out with a shiny new tooth oppossed to the half of one I had earlier...
So Jesse rushed me home drugged me up with tylenol ect and by then I just wanted to sleep it off I helped as much as I could with him getting ready and he was off to his interview. First of all bar none most handsome man EVER he looked awesome and I know hes smart but looking at him before he left I could see how much we had grown and how more specifically how much he has grown and it just made me SO darn proud of him! So the interview lasted from 12-4 pm and it went without a hitch he really loved the practice the doctors and Jesse all got along and all in all he knows it really could not of gone any better so we are praying hard they sense that as we fell in LOVE with Boise!
The next day we went with our real estate agent and looked at houses all day LONG from 9 am till 5 pm feels like we went to five THOUSAND houses but it was so good. We really got a feel for what we liked and what we wanted. We did end up finding a house that we absolutely loved it is a foreclosure and it is just huge and beautiful! plenty of room for our growing family it sits on 2.3 acres and only 3 miles from Lake Lowell which has THE MOST amazing beach and things to do very well upkept and just breathtaking! we looked at this house and we could just SEE raising our babies in it. SOOO no we go about somehow trying to get our ducks in a row so that if by a miracle we get offered this job we will more then likely jump on this house. If everything went perfectly we could hopefully get in it before baby girl is born and THAT would be a dream come true! anyhoo that is the latest from the news here.
We are now back in our little hotel room but I am thankful to be back for a few reasons so no complaining here.... it makes me realize more and more that home is not how big it is or how pretty it is it is literally where your family is that is home. So for now Im home.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The adventure continue....

Well we are here as you all well know
In good ole Vancouver Washington, hanging out in hotel rooms, malls, and the dearest of friends houses and apartments. So far I really cannot complain at all we have definately had some interesting experiences but at this point they just make me laugh, shake my head, or a little bit of both. Take our neighbors in our hotel just across the way.... we knew they were smoking illegal substances (they tried to clear it up that pot was legal in Washington for the right reasons... yeah ok dude.) We tried to ignore the smells of that, cigarettes, and alcohol YUCK! then we noticed that the girl was taking different men into her room Im talking like in one night Jesse and I counted six different men going in the room with of course we all kinda knows what that means so the next morning Jesse went to the front manager to just see what the deal was. Luckily, they were kicking them out that day so we are happily neighbor free without all the smells and sounds of them around us anymore.... I won't lie I felt so very sad for the girl she had to be my age around 26 maybe even a little younger with this guy who is in his late 30's or 40's ... it just makes me hurt for her I wanted to shake her and tell her she has a choice to move on and start a life but who knows where she stands on it all. So I take a deep breath and pray that I can raise my children to know what they are worth and what they deserve and to stay away from people like my opinion those people are just life suckers they suck all the good out and you are left miserable and alone.
Anyways we have so many amazing adventures coming up, this weekend being the first HUGE one Jesses first interview!!! wahooooo!!! it happens to be in Boise, ID which is where we had kind of hoped to end up lots of good hospitals we are close to the mountains still and low cost of living. Shortly after that was set up we got called in for another interview in Mason City, Iowa now keep in mind Iowa was about the last place I wanted to end up. I am not trying to be mean I just prefer dry heat to humidity and moutains to hills but ...this place sounds amazing and thus far they are flying not only Jesse but me to this place and renting a car for us and wining and dining you cant help but wonder if that is how they treat you for an interview they either put up a good front or they are a great company to work for.... Soo we will see what happens all in all our goal is to leave Portland Oregon with Jesses masters degree and hopefully a job lined up. I always kind of felt like when we came back it would be to pack and get ready to move and have a baby pretty much at the same time.
Speaking of baby sweet little girl is doing well she is growing (which means I am as well ick) she is very active and developes her own lil personality more and more each day. Health wise I have been doing great! I have the occassional braxton hicks but other then that problem free knock on wood. I know with these upcoming traveling trips Ill have to cross my fingers and pray alot that things will work out and she will stay where she is suppossed to stay gosh dangit I want a full term baby first and last time. The kids get more and more excited and love to point out how big there mom is to different strangers....gotta love that.
We also have a trip going to a beach cabin the next weekend oh man I am SO SO excited for that so while this hotel room is tough to hang out in somedays we have been so busy with so many places to go I cant complain we are having a blast here and most importantly we are together as a family and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that!

Friday, July 2, 2010


Holy Cow.... 8 years I mean to those married couples out there that it has been over a decade long 8 years doesnt seem like a huge number but wowza I think what I am most shocked over is how fast that eight years has gone by..... and what we have done and gone through in those eight years. We have 4 beautiful children and one just about ready to enter the world.... we have a house, we almost have completed a masters degree, we have had about what...five hundred canines in and out..., we have moved what seems like five thousand times but in reality is....about 7 times and soon to be 8 times when we move for our new life and new job.
We have faced unbearable heartbreaks including injury, NICU time with babies, a horrendous burn, the loss of a finger, internal bleeding that almost cost my life, we have literally had no money, we have been pretty well off in money, we have laughed and cried together... but through it all every single moment of those eight years I can tell you that we loved each other. Have we fought oh yeah every healthy couple does but we always make up I cannot bare to stay mad at him. Jesse is my best friend, my sweetheart, my eternal companion and everything that I could ever hope for in a man. Oh boy I can be mushy about it but thats what makes it so fun even in the hard times. We have been apart for a large part of 2009-2010 even when he was at home he was still studying and away but now we are closing this HUGE HUGE chapter in our life. We are finishing school, we are finishing up on our baby years, and we are getting our first job that is a career for Jesse.
Where will we go? who knows...we currently have 2 interviews in July one Mason City, Iowa ( I know Iowa right but at least Im right by Minnisota ;0) ) and the other one is in Boise, Idaho. Seeing as how I have sent out hundreds of resumes it is all worth it when Jesse is getting calls of so many people interested. I know that we will rely strongly on our hearts and go where Heavenly Father wants us to go. Listen to that small voice in our hearts that tells us where the right place is for our family. It is interesting thinking that in about 4 months we could pretty much be anywhere in United States..
Sooo anyhoo back to the anniversary I had to write it out about how blessed and how wonderful my hubby is. He is all dreamed of, he is all I want, and I am so glad that on July 3rd, 2002 he decided to take me to the temple to make me his forever and to forever seal our family. I love that the most that we are a family forever not just till death do u part but forever. I love you Jesse forever and always thanks for choosing me and Happy Anniversary my love....