Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Look what Jesse did....

Yeah hes still cute.... The final product
This is all of Jesses hair and goatee hair nice contrast huh...

oh babe....... not quite there

So its a normal morning get up around 6:40 go down to make waffles for the kids Jesse runs down and spouts out Babe you love me right.... no matter what I look ... right I looked at him and said of course I do he turns and runs up the stairs thats when the buzzing started..... I ran up with the camera I knew what was going on and well.... here he is JESSE BALD he looks like a THUG!!!!! or maybe...... maybe hes trying to look like Eric.... hmmmmmmmm or Justin........ maybe Greg........ I dunno but the name Mr. Clean certainly rings a bell!

Monday, October 20, 2008

one more time wahoo

So this is Jesse.... and the saw

trying the movie thing again

here we go again


hopefully this is a movie
Umm yeah shes a princess ok so the BEST part of this costume is its a dog costume yep got it at Target for $7.99 wahoooooooo
I mean REALLY can you REALLY resist that face :)
Yeah this is the way the MUMMS carve pumpkin booyah
Landons taking notes for the future ohhhh
Look at me SMILE!!! I love my jumperoo!! (thanks mee maw wahoo!)
More pictures people!


Batman has to sleep sometime right!
I love my Zaders!
Umm yeah hes adorable I know :)
This is me after I got 7 cavaties filled owwwww!
Jesse thought this was appropriate for Halloween seeing as how I look dead and all!

Oh we all know this word brings to mind several things..... costumes, pumpkins, trick or treaters, candy, classroom parties and parades!.... oh the joys!!!

It has been SO fun to hear landon talk about his party at school and to see the boys get REALLY excited for Halloween! When Kyran and I were having a special time ( Jesse will be home studying with the kids doing something to keep em busy while I take one of the kids to have one on one time... Jesse does this but in mass kids since he doesnt have as much time.... anyways...) so we were in Fred Meyer and Kyran saw his batman outfit turned to me and said HEY MOOOOM! I KNOW WHAT I WANNA BEEEE!!!! ..... BATMAN WAHOOOOO oh it was adorable so we got his costume and he has worn it for the past week never tiring of it! So tonight for Family Home Evening Jesse studied extra hard all day and in the early morning so he could participate for awhile longer then usual and we carved pumpkins... but we didnt just CARVE them oh no no.... Jesse broke out the electric saw and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ed through my kitchen carvin pumpkins left and right it went MUCH faster this way and i personally think this was a GENIUS idea.

So Zade we werent sure what he was gonna be until.... well I was giving him a bath and his hair when not curled is past his shoulders he looks like a lil girl so I put it in a ponytail for Jesse to see (and maybe inspire a haircut) and he said he would be a PERFECT pirate .... so we are waiting till after halloween to cut the kids hair...

we are all doing FABULOUS though we are happy and semi healthy (allergies are KILLER here!) I was asked to participate in a church play the ten virgins.... and if your wondering yes I am one of the foolish ones LOL I am Ashira if you are familiar with the play or the book ( It is an AMAZING CD and I would reccommend it for church music to ANYONE its just gorgeous!) I am excited they are getting a pottery sculptor to make each one of us our own custom lamp that we get to keep I am sure it will be a treasured and dear memory of our Oregon ward and really the whole experience.... It really hit home when I read through the play it is about 10 virgins who are all very good women the one I will be portraying is the overworked mother (ha ha right) and the woman who casted me didnt even KNOW me when or my situation when she cast me anyways I am alwasy saying I will do it TOMARROW I will get to him TOMARROW (him being Christ) and you know I have definately found myself doing that somedays when I am just to tired to read my scriptures or do those sorts of things it makes me realize anyone of us could easily fall into that good but not quite good enough cateogory.....

So on another HIGH note I am down 30 pounds WAHOOOOOOOOO and Jesse has lost around 15 pounds!!!!!! we I cant believe we have come so far. It feels sooo great to be healthy and eating right and I excercise everyday I havent been this size or this small since before Kyran and I am just stoked bad news is I left all my skinny jeans in Idaho... gotta invest in a good belt till I get there I guess.... anyways Im telling you is AWESOME sooo excited.... well all for now here hope all families are doing well and having as much fun as we are this halloween season!!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Kyran and his smile
So Daisy LOVES Riya its SO cute she makes sure shes ok if Riya is makin a noise Daisy will come get me...
This is me and Jesse after we went to the temple GORGEOUS day
More Einstien hair..

Back for more.....

Well it is yet another rainy day here in Oregon and the housework is done so I thought Id get some more pics up ..... things are going well here still Jesse is getting a little burnt out on school I think but its so hard to do school 24/7 and then when he thinks about being away from the kids next year I know it really overwhelms him but I know we will be ok .... we will be back in Idaho after all =D anyhoo heres some pics talk to you all later LOTS of love to you all!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This pic cracks me up but look how BIG she is!and her hair that sticks straight UP so cute!
The boys gettin ready for their movie night!
Do you see the popcorn fight and then both of them passed out!
Thats ummm us..... yeah we love each other
So this is Daisy May yeah everyone wants her shes a noodle and SO sweet (in case your wondering shes a malamute)oh and yeah she will be about 130 pds full grown.... oh and did I mention her great great grandpa was in the movie Iron Will yeah we love Daisy.......
Sooo here we go round TWO

I have done this blog once already and now Im back......

SO first subject I HATE THE ECONOMY HAS CRASHED ok so Im sure lots of people hate this but this is MY reason.... it makes getting goverment school scholarships VERY hard to get Im so frusterated that because of this we could very well be out of luck for our scholarships.......

So we will forge ahead though and be thankful that we did get into school and are making the journey I cannot believe that we will be halfway through come christmas time (thank heavens!)
yesterday was especially hard as I was missing EVERYONE so much and just wanting to be back home Idaho. I missed my inlaws especially the sister Hiedi I always wanted a sister and Hiedi really feels like one I know I dont get to talk to her much anymore but I miss her and her family I miss my sweet Jesse May and her hugs.... I miss my Sethers and his adventurous spirit, I miss Mckenna bug and her amazing stories.... I miss Erics jokes and watching him serve so many...... seriously my brother and sis in law serve more people then well I dont know who but they have been a huge example to me....... I miss the GARDEN ohhh I miss that so much and the whole season I used to loathe getting up so early to do peas or beans but now I realize how nice it was to be around everyone and have that time to talk or to just be togather because in the end its all about family thats all this life is about. I want the best for mine I want my children to KNOW how to work and have fun doing so.....

Anyways speaking of children they are all doing SO well Landon is doing well in kindergarten and starting to READ Kyran is such a well ....uh munster LOL he is into everything and trying to learn as much as he can as quickly as he can I love him so much .... Then sweet Zade he is walking EVERYWHERE and talking more and more ALL day his favorite word is HUH? WHA? its soooo cute and Riya is giggling now and smiling ALL the time I dont know how we got so lucky with such smiley kids but I LOVE IT Jesse is doing well in school has passed all his tests and studies hard every night (except Friday which is my night.....unless there is a big test that he doesnt feel ready for) I myself am doing FANTASTIC I workout everyday and I have lost 25 POUNDS WAHOOO I have been doin (which is free by the way) that keeps track of my calories and excercise.... and then I do about 90 min of workout per day Ive lost a total about about 18 inches now and have SO much more energy..... I came to a point where I realized that I am more then likely done with having kids so I want MY body back Im sooo tired of being big (and usually pregos lol) anyways other then working out I am on kid duty and mom duty and wife duty which is a more then full time job!

So here are some pics to update ya one is of the boys they had a "sleepover" where they watched a movie in there room (we brought the portable dvd player in) we popped popcorn for them and they had a popcorn fight it was a mess but they had so much fun totally worth it! so time for bed gnight!