Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Plugging along...always plugging along....


Well what the heck is new at the Mumms....
Well there are a few lil things. Projects and extra children , a wedding in Texas and SNOW!

I cannot believe that we have almost been in this beautiful country for a year, how I love it here and feel so blessed to have this great adventure and all the oppurtunities for my kids. Landon just had the opportunity to go hiking at Exit Glacier. I mean SERIOUSLY he got to hike on a GLACIER!! how cool is that! I think the most exciting field trip I took was to a zoo....which I might add had a lot of the same animals that we have just roaming around here. Kyran and Jesse were able to go on a field trip together a few weeks back and that was so exciting for both of them. I was so grateful that they were able to have time to themselves while the 3 days of heaven with Jesse are just that .... the 4 days can be well quite difficult. I am so very grateful for a good solid job and the workplace has treated us very well and we feel very blessed. They are throwing a big Christmas Ball .... seriously a BALL! with prom dresses and everything so that will be quite amazing Im excited to see what its like!
As for Kyran he is rocking out in school and doing so well I am proud of that lil guy! Zade is struggling a little in preschool but we have him going to therapy 3 times a week and that is helping he is such a special guy and I love him so so so so so much he brings such joy to our family! he learned 3 colors just this week! we have been working on this for awhile and he is just getting it Im SO EXCITED for that! Riya and Tayla are just the best of friends and drumroll please.......TAYLA TOOK HER FIRST STEPS! with Daddy here I was so happy he was there to witness the official FIRST STEP! she is getting so big and is the cutest lil girl with the biggest dimples and most devilish grin you cant help but to smile back at her.
As for me I am doing pretty well I had one of my best buds kiddos while they were lucky enough to go to Africa. We had SO much fun I love those 2 kiddos so much and her lil guy and his hugs and smiles just always made my day! Zade was so happy to have his best friend living with him for a couple weeks they were great!
Now I have 2 other kiddos ... who are just by chance FROM Africa and also 2 special lil guys the kids have had fun having some new adopted siblings for the time being.
Another exciting note.....MY BROTHER GOT MARRIED! I am so proud of him and it was so great to see all of my family and meet my sister in laws side. We had a blast and enjoyed the warm texas weather and an added bonus we were able to go see my brother in law Jake and his family I love them so much and it was SO wonderful to see them and hang out with my wonderful niece and nephews they are getting so big!
Also on Halloween we got our first BLIZZARD oh my gosh the snow was just dumping down I had to go plow it was crazy!!!! All in all though things are going so well here we have our good days and our bad days but life is good!
Things are scary out there. The economy is are shaky...... everything is unstable except for the overwhelming love I have for my family and for my Heavenly Father he is there. I feel him when I pray and I have witnessed his miracles in my life and the lives of those I know and love. As we head into the Thanksgiving/Christmas season I hope that we can remember what we believe and stand up for it!