Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tayla Heather Mumm is HERE!!!

More pictures to come...


Well everyone.... as most of you have probably heard our little Tayla Mumm was born! she made her entrance on August 18th, 2010 at 10:03pm via csection due to labor commencing and not being able to stop it. So here is the official story on that ......
Jesse had been going to the library everyday to get as much studying done as possible and would leave me home with the 4 kids to try and relax and keep this baby in. He was originally scheduled to take the test September 1st but that has obviously changed now. Anyways that morning I started contracting I would take a tributaline and they would stop of a little bit but then come back stronger and stronger. By the time I called Jesse at 4 to tell him to come home I was pretty sure this was it. We called up Jesses parents and whisked the kids away to their house and got to the hospital asap. Got all hooked up and checked out and I had dialated to 2cm and was thinning out.. They gave me more tributaline and alot of other drugs to get me to relax and handle the contractions but never got them stopped so they decided to do the csection.
I was rolled in around 9:30 and as you know I had been dreading the spinal tap from the day I had gotten pregnant lucky for me though it was AMAZING no pain really at all. He was just awesome they all knew Jesse in there and even joked about having him come assist with the surgery I was like ummm NO he can stay here holding my hand he helped make this baby after all. I remember looking at the clock at around 9:55 and really starting to feel the pressure of them getting little Tayla out Jesse kept standing up to see and then at 10:03 I heard the most beautiful loud cry of my adorable baby girl. It was absolutely magical I love that feeling of life entering the world and we thought with her loud cries she was going to be ok..... but well it is us The Mumms right so we have to do things the hard way I suppose sooooo unfortunately off to the NICU she went. She had some cloudiness in her lungs and so they let us know she had develped pneumonia which was just devestating I cannot express how guilty I felt not being able to hold a single one of my babies in long enough to not have to endure the NICU I really thought I was going to make it with Tayla but alas it was not meant to be. On a interesting side note when they did my csection they told me my uterus was incredibly thin and worn out (go figure 5 babies in 7 years will do that I guess) so Jesse and I think my body signaled and we saved ourselves alot more trouble in the long run with Tayla being early instead of say my uterus rupturing.
So as of today Tayla has been in the NICU for 13 days it has been insanely hard as we are juggling 4 children, Jesse preparing for his PANCE test, packing up our house to move, and at the same time trying to sell our house and buy another. I do not think I have ever been so stressed out as I have been in the last 2 weeks. We did make an offer on the house of our dreams unfortunately 2 other people thought it was the house of their dreams and made offers before we could get ours in so we will hope and pray that it is in fact the house that we are meant to be in. With all the insanity I am so very grateful to so many people the family and friends that have upheld us with all of our trials, the ward has been amazing planning dinners and babysitting for us, and of course my Heavenly Father who has kept his ever watchful eye over us.
It is so hard for me to once again to understand why I will never have the chance to hold one of my children in my arms after birth. It may be something I struggle with forever but all in all I know that he is watching over me, he knows me, he has listened to me, he has listened to my frustrations and sadness, and after it is all said and done and all of those feelings are let out I have never walked away feeling sad or angry I walk away with this special peace in my heart that he has heard me and understands my pain and that there is a lesson in this experience. So I will trust him and love him and have faith that he knows what he is doing....while it is not how I would have it he knows all....period I trust in his masterful plan I have seen it work miracles and in the end little Tayla will soon be in our loving arms at home where she belongs and right now that is all I could possibly ask for. So please keep those prayers going for us we need them in all aspects we want our little girl home and want her daddy to pass his test we love you all and are so grateful for the love, support, and help you have been to us. Bless you all and know we will never forget the kindness and will always strive to pass it on.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Well the graduation is over......now what?

It was so HOT Riya would not part with her shades!
Do you see the pregnant glow...ok thats actually sweat SOOO HOTHE DID IT!!!!!!!

Thats my HANDSOME graduate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have finished.....
Seriously after all this time we are DONE .... well pretty much done Jesse has yet to take his big test but after that DONE DONE DONE.... we have the degree....we have the award.... yeah thats right Jesse got a special award ha ha ha.... ready for this RIP VAN WINKLE award ha ha ha he got a special blindfold and pillow for his sleeping efforts in class :0) but you know what he must have absorbed something all those times he fell asleep on his computer.
The Graduation was amazing I always used to laugh at people who cried at graduation because my thoughts were this is BORING why are you tearing up at THIS. Ok now I know why the hardships the trials and the sacrafices we have made as a family is why people tear up. We have given up a father we have given up a husband for basically 2 years. He has been here but not fully ours and when Landon turned to me and said, "Mom does this mean we get our daddy back now?!?" I almost lost it.....then they had this great bagpiper to lead this whole huge procession of graduates and as Jesse walked by Riya and Zade ripped away from me and ran to hug their daddy and that is when the tears came. There were a few people who were touched by the moment especially Jesses classmates they knew how hard it had been for us.
To watch my husband walk across that stage get hooded and take that diploma I have never been so proud of him with the kids screaming 'GOOOO DADDY WAHOOOOO" it was hot! ( like around one hundred degrees!) but it was worth it to see him walk worth every penny worth every hard day in that hotel it was THE END of this incredible journey.
So who are we now..... well we are graduates of this program, we are the parents of 5 beautiful children (no lil Tayla has not made her appearance but we are a few weeks away from welcoming her to our family) We are SURVIVORS yes thats right we survived this insane rollercoaster of emotions, trials, errors, high points, and low points.... we have made incredible friends and even met some family we never knew existed I have always wanted sisters who knew I would find them in Portland Oregon how touched I have been by them their kindness and their stories they have made me a better person all around. We are better people for what we have gone through oh how we have learned and how we have grown.
So now what..... well test first whew that is nerve racking but Jesse will do great he is such a smart guy he leaves in the morning and heads to the library to study till 5 everyday. So we will keep that up till his test on September 1st (any prayers our way for this would be WELCOMED!) After which we will move to BOISE IDAHO!! we are actively looking for homes and eagerly await that magical home that will become our new haven from this hard world we live in. One that we can welcome daddy home with open arms EVERY night no more travels no more long study nights exciting times ahead my friends and we step forward with our heads held high our hearts filled and with a unwavering faith in our Heavenly Father that he knows best he is there and he is always watching down on our family.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Well after literally MONTHS of applying to literally HUNDREDS of jobs we FINALLY have settled on the one we are going to go with ....ready ......drumroll please.......BOISE IDAHO!!!!
we had no idea we would be staying in Idaho honestly we thought that we would end up across
country in some random place but much to our surprise our first interview we went to was the one we decided to go with.
We went to a few different interviews the furthest being in Iowa and then on in Aberdeen countless phone interviews from Texas, Arizona, Montana the list goes one but when all was said and done it was Boise that totally won us over we had such a good peacefull feeling there. We thought at first that it was the initial excitement with the first interview but as things went on nothing compared to a few choice moments that we had there in Boise we truly feel that it is the next step of our life with our beautiful family. So now what right Heather is 8 months pregnant and doing well the day we found out about Boise she had a slight misstep and ended up in the ER to get her contractions stopped but she is doing better now aside from the flu she has on top of it.
We are now 9 days out from the countdown of GRADUATION!!! we will post pics and such when those shindigs go down thanks for reading and thank you for all your prayers they have helped so much in this crazy journey that we have taken.