Saturday, May 31, 2008

Well we have a introduction to make.....

MEET ZAZOO!!! This is Landons cat that we adopted into the family today we went all the way to Washington to adopt her but she is the SWEETEST cat! she came right up to us right now and sat on my lap then Zade got down and she was SO good with him he pulled on her and she just would ignore him and purrr. She had a hard trip on the way home apparently cats get car sick =( so when we got home she had to go get a bath..... The good news is she is a savannah cat so they actually like water she just batted the water and got a nice bath and by the end was purring up a storm!!! Landon is ECSTATIC about Zazoo being his kitty and helped me bathe her then got her litter box set up and went and got her food all by himself!!!! he even dragged the bag of litter ALL the way into the house I was SO proud of him being such a big boy!

After we got Zazoo set up he had to call someone to tell them about his new friend... and then wanted Lila and Jo Jo to come see his new friend It was very very cute! anyways I thought I would put up a picture of Zazoo I will get pics of her and Landon sometime tomarrow!

As for the rest of us we are beyond happy with her so far Jesse has played with her and seems to really like her so far. I think shes awesome (just because shes sooo good with the kiddies!) and she can jump insanely high it is part of their breed (up to 15ft!!!)

So we also got to drive along the coast of Oregon and Washing and it was AMAZING we even got to drive across a 4 MILE bridge that was intense (Have I mentions I DONT like bridges the Mississippi bridge was bad enough but 4 miles whew!!!) We even saw a boat go under the bridge that was probably about 4-5 stories high Landon was just squealing thinking it would run into us! The bridge we passed was over the Columbia river anyways it was pretty neat. We also saw all sorts of animals bald eagles, deer, and some unidentified specimens not sure what they were but they were cool! Anyways I am TIRED and we have early church so off to bed tonight GNIGHT!!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Latest update

So havent been on for a few days thought Id update you all. Its been a pretty good week Memorial Day wasnt so exciting for me but for my boys they had quite a rockin time! Joel and Lila came up and the boys took off to Henry Hag Lake (great name....but well nothing rivals beaverdick park in good ole rexburg!) They boys went geocaching and landon came back with loads of stories he had a GREAT time! Jesse did to getting away for some "man" time before heading back to school. Lila and I just hung out at the homestead with the other kiddies.
Jesse is officially in school now he is enjoying it and doing so well on his studies already! I know he will keep it up and do well why we are here! Last night was awful woke up with this awful muscel knot in the back of my leg the size of a grapefruit and when I say wake up I woke up SCREAMING Jesse jumped outta bed and couldnt even believe the size of the knot it took a good 5-10 minuets for my leg to relax and then Jesse got me some tylenol and bannana and I fell back asleep but man let me tell you it hurts still now I have two gimpy legs =-)
The kids are doing good just hanging out a normal rainy misty day here in Aloha we made cookies today and did some chores nothing to exciting! well thats about it for now over and out.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

more pictures

Heres some more pictures of our adventures at IKEA and Build a Bear!!!!

Another adventure


Still trying to get a hang of this posting thing just wanted to put up some pics of our adventures to Build a Bear and IKEA the boys all had a BLAST (That is including the grown up boys=) ) They even decided on a race at the end of IKEA ending in a collision but just with themselves so it worked out. We all had so much fun just looking around and partaking of the find Swedish meatballs at IKEA....Build a bear was just as great and the boys had SUCH a blast finding their outfits and bathing their animals it has been such a great last weekend with the fam. Jesse starts school Tuesday I am so excited but nervous as this is a REAL thing and is starting now and I will be a Mom basically by myself but you I know the lord watches us and I look forward to getting stronger and gaining so much from this experience!!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Lego my Pregos

HOLY MOLY I am getting big!!!! thought I would share some pictures of my belly shots they are always fun to look at =D I will post later with pictures of the boys at Build a Bear and update with the story

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Im so excited!!!!

So today has been a good day the ankle hurts still but we are starting to get going here. Jesse is doing his school studies and starting to feel comfy in that and its just starting to feel better. Yesterday was a hard day I was way depressed about my ankle and it hurt and it didnt help I fell a couple times jamming it pretty hard pleh! However today we started off and I found the swing that I wanted for our little girl brand new on craigslist for $40 brand new this one costs over 150 and it had been used for maybe an hour so like I said brand new and ADORABLE its called the starlight papasan swing if you wanna look it up. Then Jesse had preordered the wii fit and we got that in today and it is so much fun not that I can use it but all my boys have been and its a workout such a great thing to have here in Oregon where it can be so rainy!
Then I am pretty sure we have settled on the name Riya for our little girl it just feels right we will keep our minds open but I think thats her name and I absolutely LOVE it!!!! all in all things are going well here I feel so blessed to have such great friends around here and for my family. I love that our friends here have been so giving and sweet seriously they have really helped us through this time of change.
I will have to take some pics of my ankle its turning nice and blue and purple and then my ankle is yellow so pretty just thought Id give an update to you all next time Ill get pics but for now peace out =D

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Always an adventure here

Well thought I would update you all on the latest drama here...... I was coming home last night and went step up on the porch didnt quite life my foot high enough and tripped I fell hard smacking my elbows, belly, and the crack is all I hear as my ankle bends backwards. So off to urgent care we went where they took xrays and thank heavens just a bad sprain so home with crutches is where I went. Then about 11 that night I started having major pain possibly contractions 4 min apart Jesse wasted no time and we went to the hospital they checked me and thank HEAVENS no dialating but they were worried about bleeding internally. So they kept me overnight gave me lots of medicine and Jesse and I were in for the night. Luckily our dear friends were up from Salem to spend the day with us so they just stayed over with the kiddies. Anyways they got me in for a very thorough ultrasound first thing in the morning and then I got very ill and started vomiting ect so they IVed me and kept me longer. The doc came back and said I have a cyst a little bigger then a golf ball. So Monday first thing Im going to my OB and we will go from there she doesnt think it will be a problem but it will be nice to talk to my OB. Baby is also presenting itself as breech so csection is lookin like a for sure thing darnit I was hoping to be able to do it natural this time but we will see Im doubting it now!
I am feeling better now lots of medicine on board but none the less we will get through it we always do never pictured myself almost 7 months and on crutches but oh well I shouldve figured!!!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

So I have to take a moment

So I have to take a moment to tell everyone how proud I am of my amazing husband! Out of the thousands of applicants and almost 200 interviewees.... only 42 are chosen to attend Pacific University and after 3 years of applying we have finally made it and Jesse is now fulfilling his DREAM!!!!

Jesse is such an amazing guy and more of a husband then I could have ever imagined he is truly my best friend and is there for me all the time. He is an amazing father to our children and I just am so thankful for him and the amazing things he has helped me through and shown me. So enough of the mushy stuff I just had to take a moment and let you all know how proud I am and I just know he is going to do fantastic this year!!!! WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here we go on our Oregon adventure!

Well everyone I decided to start a blog here so you can check out pictures and our everyday adventures that we have in the beautiful city! We do love it up here it is breathtaking and there is so much to do! Yesterday we went to Cannon Beach this is where they shot movies like Kindergarten Cop and the classic Goonies. We had SUCH a blast and the boys just played in the water all day it was GREAT! The ocean was SO cold but it was sure fun to wade in even Happy and Hunter got in on the action and went for a lil swim.
The people here are really nice they do frequently laugh at us with all our children and when they find out our ages they just gasp and are! yeah we are but you know what my family rocks and the memories I get to make with these kiddies everyday is PRICELESS my question to all of them is who cant falling in love with being a mother?!? hard.... oh YEAH but worth every single bit of sacrifice!
Our home is beautiful and in a great neighborhood the neighbors have been really nice and our ward is amazing. We cant get over how green it is and how many trees there are! Anyways that is just the intro to our long adventure that we have to look forward to here. God bless to all and I will keep this updated to the best of my ability!