Friday, August 28, 2009

Oh my GOSH I cant believe i have let my blog go dormant like this! its just been so crazy around here! Well I just recently made a HUGE journey across the states to Iowa.... do NOT ask me what I was thinking.... The return trip alone was a DISASTER!  but the visit there was wonderful so I guess it all evens out in the end. Jesses rotations are doing well but it is very hard to do this whole thing by myself.  I feel very blessed to have such support here in Rexburg with my family and my wonderful friends but it is still so hard to come home to an empty house and be so far away from my other half.  We are figuring it out though one day at a time.
As for the kiddos they are all doing great Landon is in school and living it up there he likes it alot and is making new friends.  It is so fun/hard to watch my babies growing up! In other exciting news my brother in law married his sweetheart in the Logan temple.  It was so nice to sit there with my own eternal companion and watch this beautiful love blossom even further as they were married for time and all eternity.  I am so thankful that sitting there over 7 years and 4 kids down the road that I still get the butterflies when my love is around.  I am truly thankful for him and when he is away and comes back it makes me cherish our time together that much more.  
I DO miss my wonderful friends back in Portland but I am thrilled that I will be back there at the end of the month (september) to see them and hang out with them for a bit although driving at this point does NOT sound like fun to me at ALL...... I thank everyone for there prayers love and support and will hopefully update this blog a lil more frequently as I have the nights to myself again..... yep Ill get on it :) 

Saturday, April 11, 2009

In case you were wondering what a princess looks like....
Oh Zade and tootsie rolls! YIKES
Landons was so excited!

I was too lovely pic but I was helping Riya she LOVED picking the eggs up!

I was cheering them on!
Zade was thrilled with all the sugar... I mean candy
Ummm we were ECSTATIC

Awww so cute!!!

Yay for easter egg hunts!!!

Ummm yeah squatting for eggs
Daddy and Zaders goin for the eggs!
Come on Kyran get those eggs (HE GOT A WINNER EGG!)

Ok these were to cute they were pushin riya around in a doll stroller!

This was the Daddy daughter dance awww!

more pics


Me and my lil nugget! :) love her love her!!!
This was there ring ceremony after the temple wedding!
Aww dad and Zaders

Daddy and his boys!

Me and Princess

Hello all! and HAPPY EASTER!!!

We decided to go with our dear friends the Nys to go hunt some easter eggs! we got up early and the kiddos were rarin to go!!! they were so excited and so were we! :) more pics to come later of our easter adventures and more but I havent posted pics up here for a LONG time so ENJOY!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

more fun in the sun... well kinda sun
Did you SEE the rock I just climbed WAHOOO tons O fun!!

We had a party running back and forth all day

Landons first self portrait he did by himself mom and dad couldnt be more proud...

Digging to China... seriously ..... well maybe to Idaho.... :)

awww me n princess...
Gotta bring the silky EVERYWHERE even the beach....sigh

Soo cute he would RUN to the ocean Jesse and I literally had to pick him up and drag him away... cute but a lil frighening!

AWWW Daddy and Zader Bear!

Seriously OH MY GOSH

SPRING BREAK BABY!!!!!!!!!!!! we have had sooo much fun well except for the packing part.... we have hit up beach after beach playing as hard as we can with the kiddos.... they are having fun and so are we. Trying to make as many memories before Jesse heads off to Taos New Mexico for his first rotation YAY JESSE! we are so excited to be headed into the second and final year of PA School sooo here are some fun pics of our spring break thus far!!!! love you all!!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just a thought or two...

kyran trying to help his sissy!
soo cute!
Well I am sitting here after a FULL week full of emotions and feelings some big some not so big.  Throughout the experiences of this week I have had this amazing sense of peace and love.  I realize that our journey in Portland is coming to a end and it is such a bitter sweet feeling on the bitter side I am leaving these amazing people! WOW what a inspiration they have been to me and my family! they have literally picked us up when we were struggling and were our family while we have been away from ours.  I have grown to love and respect these people so much!
On the sweet side of things I realize that my home sweet home is looming in the distance I have missed my sweet lil ranch in Idaho.  My sweet little town in Rexburg Idaho where it takes 5 min to cross town oppossed to 30 min- over 60 min here.... the wide open spaces the moutains and of course the motorbiking!  of course that will be without my darling husband but well at least we will be home and my kids will have a backyard to run around and burn off all the never ending energy they have!!  wow oh wow I cant believe it is almost here!!! 

Monday, March 9, 2009

Ahhh virgin practice.

Here we are!!
My baby the village boy hes such an actor!
Me n Can CanAww these ladies are AMAZING I love em ALL!!!

Me in full costume and make up
Well we have been doing ok things are getting super charged for gettin back to Idaho! we have been sooo busy! I have been in scouts, I had a talk, then I have the play that Landon and I are in, not mention the play ect ect.... Its nice though I have loved the people I have met here and its nice to hang out with them as much as possible before I left anyhoo heres some pics of landon and I with some pics :) 

Thursday, February 26, 2009

awww poor baby
I was relaxin with my injured bud...
ok so we told him to make a sad face and this is what he did... yep wild child he is!
I love my baby
yeah doesnt he look so hurt and sad... ha ha the hardest thing was keepin him still! when the doc asked why he was crying he said it was because he wanted to get down and play! lol
more er pics...

Kyrans first ER trip....

SO thankfully Kyran had his guy to keep him company...This is after he got bandaged the first time

This is before his eye started swelling but he has a nice shiner too
Yeah his hands look dirty thats from all the blood ewww
You can see how deep the gash went here kinda it was wayyy deep
Well.... It finally happened
Thats right folks our first time going to the ER for stiches and oh big surprise it was on Kyran (I believe Jesse and I called that one ha ha ha) anyhoo Kyran was jumpin off the love sac and he jumped by our window ledge and smack he fell down with his feet in the air.... I thought he was just playing so I told him he could get up just work it then I turned to look a lil closer and saw blood going down the wall.... Sooo I yelled into the phone Jesse you may need to come home! I turned him over and there was blood EVERYWHERE dripping into his eyes and ears and down his chin covering the front of his shirt there was a blood puddle where he was laying (Im sure it didnt help he was upside down for a bit) so I scooped him up to take him upstairs and he passed out for a couple of minuets (Im thinking from shock perhaps) I got dressed and got the kids ready to go and by then Jesse was back at the house since everytime I took pressure off his wound it would start gushing again... SO off we went to the ER where they did a head CT and then stiched him up! (The CT came back normal) sooooo anyhoo heres some yummy pics that jesse and I took to document the experience (more Jesse then me for the record...) :)