Sunday, May 22, 2011

We ARE alive we have not been eaten....yet

Hello to all!
It has been a LONG LONG LONG time since I have updated my blog, things have been crazy what can I say moving a whole world away from all our familiar surroundings has definately been a process. But we are HERE and really do love it. If we had sat down and put down on a list all of our dreams of what the perfect town would consist of for our family to grow up in I think that Soldotna would have about every single quality that we wanted.
We live in a beautiful log cabin its 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and just adore living here. We have had moose, we have seen one bear (well to be clear it was a bear butt but Jesse doesnt think I should go announcing I saw a bear butt in my backyard ha ha) We have been to one side of the peninsula clear over to the other and we love it ALL. We have not lived through a fishing season yet but we are counting on that to provide some food for our deep freezer that seems to empty a little more each day, as my kids grow so do their appetites! and along with all the wonderful things of Alaska one of the biggest drawbacks is that food is kinda spendy here. It is worth it though, whatever we pay extra in we feel as though our quality of life here is so much richer.
The people of Alaska are what truly impress me, they are kind and loving and have welcomed us with open arms. I have met some of the most incredible women here who I already love very much they are absolute angels to me! So hows Jesse Im sure your wondering, he is doing well he loves his job in orthopedics and is just trying to learn everything he possibly can to best assist the doctor. The kids are all doing wonderful.
Landon is settling into his new home and really liked his new school hes struggled a little but things are getting better for him everyday!
Kyran is well hes Kyran my wild child he searches everyday for a bear to shoot, definately his fathers son.
Zade is coping we are still trying to get his speech under control it is very hard to understand him but we are working as hard as we can.
Riya is doing fantastic mostly because she is POTTY TRAINED WAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! she is the little princess that she has always thought she was and is loving it here, she loves to point to the different animals she sees and her favorite place on earth is Sea Life.
Tayla is CRAWLING and eating and just growing I can hardly believe how big she has gotten! it goes by so dang fast.
So that is a quick update of where the Mumms are at we are trying to keep the faith and keep our chins up as we make our way through this difficult life.

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Will and Marcie Davis said...

HEY!!! Good to hear from you! I was starting to worry! It sounds AMAZING there! I'm so glad all is well!