Monday, April 8, 2013

WOW long LONG time......

Its that time again GENERAL CONFERANCE oh how I LOVE this time of year, always a time of renewal and a time to look at my life and see where I am and also where my FAMILY is! When I last blogged was last YEAR! holy cow! well........ we are STILL in Alaska by some miracle.  We went through a HORRIBLE year last year just everything and then some seemed to happen to us.  We had job loss, a flood, the loss of a family member, and many other awful things that I would just rather leave in the year 2012!
PHEW! Now we are in the year of 2013 thank heavens and life is good! we are at our FOURTH job and hopefully this one will go a LOT better then the last one since let me tell you what that job ended in a big and dramatic way! We interviewed in Idaho and Washington we got job offers from all jobs interviewed for but.....turned out that we were able to secure a job in Kenai.  It was a tough decision it was exciting to think about getting back to family.  I miss my family my inlaws my friends .....fresh fruit yeah I miss it all, and on this morning when it was 6 degrees when I went to take my kids to school it was hard not to yearn for the days of warmth in Idaho!
Life has taken a big change in many many ways I finally got MYSELF back on track I have had alot of health scares and why those scary things are still there I decided I needed to get my body in SHAPE and HEALTHY on the inside! I started the 24 day challenge from advocare and lost 20 pounds and 35 inches! I mean seriously that is AWESOME! From there that drove me further and now I am on my elliptical everyday running at LEAST 4-8 miles a day.  Its nice to get back in the grove of things I was so healthy in Portland and missed that feeling! I am not there yet but I am a day at a time!
The family is doing good here Landon and Kyran are in hip hop dance and are pretty much the cutest little dancers you ever saw in my professional opinion.  Zaders is progressing and getting smarter everyday love that kid! Riya is four and Tayla is two almost three! she is the one who keeps me on my feet! I mean seriously this little girl is into EVERYTHING and there are days that I am in tears by the end of the day trying to either not laugh or with frustration.  My kids are my pride and joy though they teach me and help me grow~ STAY TUNED I will update more often!

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